How to Make Virgin Versions of Classic Cocktails

For expecting moms, one of the many big adjustments is a pretty sudden change in their relationships to food and drink. Sushi and soft, gooey cheese? Out. Anything with an ABV? Out (obviously). Though there’s not much you can do to quell the craving for raw fish and camembert, cocktail-loving moms-to-be can still enjoy complex, three-plus ingredient drinks in a coupe glass. Taking booze out of your life while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding (or for any other reason) only means that you have to get a little more creative with your drink making.

“It’s kind of like learning to cook vegan for the first time,” says Christy Pope, co-creator of Dallas, Texas, bar Midnight Rambler and mother to a two-year-old daughter. “If you look at alcohol as the meat of your cocktail, how do you take that out and still make something interesting?”

Pope says there’s a lot of potential with non-alcoholic cocktails, whether it be creating ABV-free versions of classics or starting from scratch. And luckily for those with a bun in the oven, bars around the country agree, and are getting into the liquor-free spirit (no pun intended).

“With our non-alcoholic drinks we aim for fresh, creative options that are not drowning in sugar, so that those who don’t imbibe know that we care as much about their experience as that of those who do,” says Brittany Tinelli, bar manager at Gramercy Tavern, where the menu includes drinks like the N/A-groni (Sans Bitters, grapefruit, club soda) and the Ginger Swizzle (ginger beer, mint and lime).

Of course, the easiest way to insure you’re getting a delicious booze-free drink is to make it for yourself at home. Here, virgin versions of four of our favorite classic cocktails that prove moms-to-be aren’t relegated to sipping sparkling apple cider and Perrier for the foreseeable future.